The award was given by Hydrogen Europe Research, an international organization comprising 150 Universities and Research Centers from 29 countries. Elena Crespi, a researcher with Fondazione Bruno Kessler‘s  Center for Sustainable Energy (SE), was awarded the 2023 Young Scientist Award by Hydrogen Europe Research, an international organisation that includes 150 universities and research centers from 29 countries. The award ceremony took place […]

SWITCH is at the EU Hydrogen Week!

The European Hydrogen Week is the biggest annual event dedicated to hydrogen, and SWITCH could not miss it! The project is represented by the Project Coordinator Matteo Testi and the researcher Elena Crespi from the Center for Sustainable Energy of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.  Are you interested to know more about the project? Do not miss the opportunity: join […]

SWITCH Consortium creates factsheets to presents the activities implemented!

SWITCH project tells its story through some new communication materials: the factsheets! The end of the project is approaching. These documents will support the Consortium in disseminating the results achieved during the last months of the project, and will facilitate the market uptake of the SWITCH prototype that will result from the project. The document is […]


What a great acknowledgement for the SWITCH Project, whic is now qualified to participate in the international award! The renowned award for sustainability was bestowed last 2nd November by the Trade Consul of Austria, Christoph Plank, to the director of the FBK Sustainable Energy Center, Luigi Crema and to the project coordinator, Matteo Testi.  “This award”, highlighted Luigi Crema, “is an acknowledgement […]

Davide Ragaglia speaks about control strategy

The Center of Sustainable Energy launches a new initiative! A series of videos with researchers who conduct research and development activities in collaboration with industry, academia and public institutions in the energy sector. The EU aims to become climate neutral – an economy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions – by 2050.  This goal is at the […]

Seventh project meeting

The SWITCH Consortium met again online for the 7th project meeting. Another set of activities finished as the project is quickly entering in its final stage. In fact, both Work Package 4 and 5 respectively related to the Design and Construction of Components and the LSM Design and Testing have been concluded. The system has been […]

EPFL presented a poster at ECOS 2023

Wei Xinyi – researcher from EPFL – presented a poster at the 36th International Conference on efficiency, cost, optimisation, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems, in short ECOS 2023. The event took place in the week June 25-30, 2023, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and had the purpose to provide a forum for participants […]

SWITCH flies to Boston, US!

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, through the Group of Energy Materials unit, is Partner to the SWITCH project and is responsible for the system design activity (WP3), using its multi-objective and multi-period optimization tool to design the heat exchanger network capable of covering all loads and internal exchanges for switching the SOC between the operating […]

SolydEra brings SWITCH to the Hannover Fair!

SolydEra SA is Partner to the SWITCH project and is responsible for the design and construction of Balance of Plant components operating at high temperature. The company develops the Large Stack Module design for reversible operation, continuous hydrogen production, and is involved in the overall system design, construction and testing. Zacharie Wuillemin presented the SWITCH […]

Sixth project meeting

This last wee of March ends with the 6th project meeting of SWITCH, which took place online but saw the proactive involvement of all Partners. The WP Leaders presented their activities: a good number of tasks are coming to an end such as the LCA and techno-economic analysis and the design and selection of BoP […]