Seventh project meeting

The SWITCH Consortium met again online for the 7th project meeting. Another set of activities finished as the project is quickly entering in its final stage. In fact, both Work Package 4 and 5 respectively related to the Design and Construction of Components and the LSM Design and Testing have been concluded. The system has been […]

Sixth project meeting

This last wee of March ends with the 6th project meeting of SWITCH, which took place online but saw the proactive involvement of all Partners. The WP Leaders presented their activities: a good number of tasks are coming to an end such as the LCA and techno-economic analysis and the design and selection of BoP […]

Second project meeting

The 2nd project meeting has been organized online on the 14th of January 2021. All the partners presented their activities and provided evidence of the work performed over the last six months. Fortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has not impacted on the initial activities for SWITCH. The prelimany testing activities on the stack and the LSM […]

First project meeting

The second project meeting of the SWITCH Consortium took place on the 26th of June 2020. The project was hold online and it was focused on the design and modelling activities performed by EPFL. The first deliverables have bee published. The deliverables report the activities performed in the first six months on the preliminary system […]

Kick-off Meeting

The SWITCH project has been kicked off at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Representatives of the seven partners organizations met to present the project plan, roles and responsibility in the development of the SWITCH system prototype. The SWITH project will exploit the results of the CH2P project to build a system operating in […]