SWITCH Consortium creates factsheets to presents the activities implemented!

SWITCH project tells its story through some new communication materials: the factsheets! The end of the project is approaching. These documents will support the Consortium in disseminating the results achieved during the last months of the project, and will facilitate the market uptake of the SWITCH prototype that will result from the project. The document is […]

New scientific paper published in the EDP Science Journal

SWITCH’s researchers Michele Bolognese, Matteo Testi, Lorenzo De Bortoli, Ruben Bartali and Luigi Crema of the Centre for Sustainable Energy of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy) published the article “Experimental validation of a dynamic modelling of a Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (rSOCs)”.The work is the result of the participation of the researcher in the EFC21 – […]