The Center of Sustainable Energy launches a new initiative! A series of videos with researchers who conduct research and development activities in collaboration with industry, academia and public institutions in the energy sector.

The EU aims to become climate neutral – an economy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions – by 2050.  This goal is at the heart of the European Green Deal and in line with the EU’s commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement. The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent challenge and an opportunity to build a better future for all. All parts of society and economic sectors will play a role, from the energy sector to industry, mobility, buildings, agriculture and forestry. The EU can lead the way by investing in realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens and aligning actions in key areas such as industrial policy, finance and research, while ensuring social equity for a fair transition.

In this context, the Sustainable Energy research center promotes the efficient and effective implementation of innovative energy solutions. The underlying belief is that this will help balance our ecological footprint and ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

Davide Ragaglia is a researcher of the Center SE of Fondazione Bruno Kessler. His research mainly focuses on the implementation of control strategies for complex hydrogen systems, on the control system architecture, starting from a preliminary validation of PFDs and P&IDs, and on the definition of appropriate alarm machines, state machines and control loops. In this regard, control strategies have been developed for the European projects PROMETEO, SWITCH and HyCARE, to integrate and efficiently operate different hydrogen systems and respond to different end uses.