Wei Xinyi – researcher from EPFL – presented a poster at the 36th International Conference on efficiency, cost, optimisation, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems, in short ECOS 2023.

The event took place in the week June 25-30, 2023, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and had the purpose to provide a forum for participants to present new research results and exchange views on performance, economics, and environmental impact of energy systems, their design and possible advancements. 

The poster entitled “Environment Analysis of Power-to-Fuel-to Power Routes” reported results related to SWITCH and in particular it concerned environment analysis on power to fuel power routes. The fuels considered were H2, CH4, CH3OH.

 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, through the Group of Energy Materials unit, is Partner to the SWITCH project and is responsible for the system design activity (WP3), using its multi-objective and multi-period optimization tool to design the heat exchanger network capable of covering all loads and internal exchanges for switching the SOC between the operating modes. EPFL also leads the electro-chemical measurement activities combined with post-test analysis and the LCA and LCC analysis.

Check the following link for more information on the event: https://ecos2023.com/ and the programme: https://inscribe-t.com/preliminary-programme