SWITCH project tells its story through some new communication materials: the factsheets!

The end of the project is approaching. These documents will support the Consortium in disseminating the results achieved during the last months of the project, and will facilitate the market uptake of the SWITCH prototype that will result from the project.

The document is based on the project visual identity that features the project as a unique and distinguishable brand, whose objective is to increase the public visibility of the project and subsequently its outcomes and facilitate the overall project goal to boost Europe’s Innovation ecosystem. 

Each partner created its own factsheet:

  • FBK highlightes the SWITCH concept and value proposition: the factsheet.
  • EPFL outlines the Environmental Impact Assessment and made a comparison between the hydrogen production technologies: the factsheet.
  • The factsheet of SolydEra introduces the core of the SWITCH system.
  • DLR reports the testing activities implemented from short stack to module level in the laboratories of EPFL, FBK and DLR: the factsheet.
  • The factsheet of HyGEAR gives an overview of  the structure of the prototype.
  • SWECO summarises the possible end uses and exploitation pathways of SWITCH system: the factsheet.

We published it among the D&C Materials section, in the publication page.

Curious to know more about the concept and value proposition of SWITCH? Have a look at FBK Factsheet!
Have a look at EPFL Factsheet!
Have a look at the structure of the prototype, on HyGEAR factsheet
Interested in the testing activities from short stack to module level? Consult DLR factsheet
Consult SWECO's factsheet to know the possible SWITCH end users
Read more on the core of the SWITCH system on SolydEra factsheet