This section is dedicated to the publications produced by the SWITCH team. 

This brochure present the SWITCH project. You will find information on the project and on the main characteristics of the SWITCH system prototype. 

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The scientific publications produced by the SWITCH project are also stored on the Zenodo repository on the SWITCH Community.

  • Jeanmonod, G., Van Herle, J., (2021). Local Characterization of a Solid Oxide Cell Operated in Fuel Cell and Electrolysis Mode Using Lock-in Thermograph. 2021 ECS Trans. 103 1227. DOI:
  • Moussaoui, H., et al. (2021). Modeling Nickel Microstructural Evolution in Ni-YSZ Electrodes Using a Mathematical Morphology Approach. ECS Trans. 103 997. DOI:
  • Bolognese, M., Testi, M., De Bortoli, L., Bartali, R., Crema, L. (2022). Experimental validation of a dynamic modelling of a Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (rSOCs). E3S Web Conf., 334 (2022) 01003. DOI:
  • Salas Ventura, S. und Metten, M. and Tomberg, M. and Ullmer, D. and Heddrich, M. P. and Ansar, S. A.  (2022). Operation analysis of a flexible solid oxide cell module for power to hydrogen and polygeneration. In: Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 94 (9), Page 1321. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ProcessNet and DECHEMA-BioTechNet Jahrestagung 2022, 12. – 15. Sept. 2022, Aachen, Germany.
  • Hamza Moussaoui, Gerald Hammerschmid, Jan Van herle, Vanja Subotić (2023). Fast online diagnosis for solid oxide fuel cells: Optimisation of total harmonic distortion tool for real-system application and reactants starvation identification, Journal of Power Sources, Volume 556, 2023, 232352, ISSN 0378-7753.
  • 2022 | FBK – Modelon Innovate: “rSOC System: Modeling and Control Development With Modelica-Based Language” – PDF


This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (now Clean Hydrogen Partnership) under Grant Agreement No 875148. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research

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